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Thread: Trickle Filter Or Overflow With Sump & Refrigerum

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    Fishobob Guest

    Trickle Filter Or Overflow With Sump & Refrigerum

    Gday Folks,
    Well recently I decided that I was going to setup a reef tank. So I started reading my arse off and have read a fair bit of stuff now and might I say that you guys over in america have a lot more advanced cheaper fishkeeping stuff than we do over here in Australia.
    Anyway I want to setuo a 48*24*24 or 48*18*18 reef tank. So I started looking around over here and I ended up liking the looking of a tank with an imbuilt trickle filter built in behind a 5inch partition of glass with an overflow at the back of the tank. It also has room next to the trickle filter for you to put your skimmer, heaters, etc. So basically the tank is about 5 inches smaller in width because you have this trickler filter and sump if you like sectioned off behind a piece of glass. Anyway I was speaking to the aquarium dude and he was telling me that this system and a berlin system are the only systems they sell for marine setups. These tanks are quite pricey too!
    Recently I have been researching trickle filters and I have found that not a lot of people like trickle filters because apparently they produce a high level of nitrates due to the nitrifying bacteria in the bio balls of the trickle filter. So after reading this at quite a few places I begun to dislike the idea of a trickle filter because I want to keep invertebrates and with the trickle filter producing high nitrate levels I wont be able to do this unless I perform frequent water changes.
    Now I have been reading up on sumps and refrigerums and am now seriously thinking about setting this way instead of the trickle filter. I was thinking of having the sump and refrigerum loacted under the tank and wasnt sure if i should have seperate ones or make and sump and refrigerum in 1. If i had seperate I was going to have the inlet pipe flowing into some filter material or floss for mechanical filtration and then into the refrigerum. In this i was going to have a 5 inch Deep sand bed, lots of plants and algae and maybe some live rock. I was then going to have a pump to pump water from the refrigerum into the sump with my skimmer, heaters etc. Then a pump to pump clean(well hopefully) water back into the tank through an outflow pipe. I wanted to know can you use this setup and still have sufficient water circulation through the main tank of about 430 litres(90 G i think) and do you still need powerheads in the main tank for extra water circulation.
    So if you could tell me what you think of trickle filters, overflows with sump/refrig and anything else you think is a good setup I would appreciate it. As this is my first saltwater tank I dont really know where to start but maybe with some help from you guys i will soon know where to begin.
    Cheers Fishobob [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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    oldron Guest

    Re: Trickle Filter Or Overflow With Sump & Refrigerum

    Pumping water out of a refugium is not recommended as the impeller will damage the micro fauna [pods, worms, etc]
    that would be migrating into your main tank. when a fuge is seasoned and productive there is no need for any other type of filtration and would most likly be counter productive.

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    Fluluptveli Guest

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